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Kaivalyam Retreat is dedicated to promoting traditional form of Yoga in an environment which emphasis to live an ashram type of life style (daily yoga, meditation sessions, organic vegetarian food, farm setup, etc) in private, serene and "simply" luxurious accommodation and related facilities.

Experience new dimensions of yourself. This is the perfect environment to get yourself "tuned-up" for not only the coming months, but for the rest of the year. Discover your optimum vitality. Learn to relax and reduce stress in your life through a personalized yoga and health maintenance program.

Please checkout our weekly Yoga program for Begineer's and Advance. It includes daily Yoga practices, introduction and its therapeutic use. Lead a yogic lifestyle and food regime for a week.

  • Introduction
  • Daily schedule
Yoga, a Sanskrit word for ´union´, means an experience of oneness or union with your inner being self). This union is the mind uniting with the body and breath to attain a higher level of consciousness. The integrated approach of mind and body control leads to ultimate physical health and happiness together with the achievement of mental peace and tranquility.

Asanas: Yoga asanas are the physical stretches or postures which are designed to put pressure on the glandular systems of the body, thereby increasing its efficiency and total health. The body is looked upon as the primary instrument that enables us to work and evolve in the world. Asanas come in standing, sitting, and inverted forms and are designed to improve suppleness, flexibility, and posture. They also stretch the muscles, and help to build stamina and strength in the body, as well as calming the mind.

Pranayama : Breathing exercises are designed to master the movement of prana (or life-force) within us. The practice of pranayama enhances lung capacity, oxygenating and energizing the body, and improves the circulation. Like the asanas, pranayama also calms the mind, allowing a feeling of tranquility and emotional well-being to develop over time.

Meditation techniques: Meditation allows us to become aware of how our mind works and allows us to accept ourselves. We become more single minded, our concentration improves, and we give up on habitual thought patterns, allowing us to become self-confident, open, and honest with ourselves and others.

Yogic day mantra is to rise early from bed. A quick morning stroll in midst of the mist filled plantations helps to freshen up before the daily yoga practices. Morning practices emphasis on asanas for warm up, stretching and other poses. Once the workout is over, you will soon be igniting your test buds with natural and organic breakfast.

Breakfast is followed by an hour of learning the basics of Yoga, its history and relevance in today's environment. In order to re-attach you to the earth roots with karma yoga, a hand on experience is waiting at the farmyard.

The rich flavor of spices coming from kitchen will churn your stomach juices with hunger and you will find yourself on the dining table with authentic delicacies to treat you at lunch.

Afternoon time can be spent in a relaxed way by exploring yourself : sightseeing, reading, checking out the spice processing ways or simply chatting with inmates. Still one more session of Yoga class is awaiting for understanding the advance features of Yoga and its therapeutic use.

The setting of dusk is more suitable time to relax your body and mind in a Yogic manner by way of practice of restorative asanas followed by meditation. But before you are tempted to take up dinner, do not forget to participate in a special evening session which covers some of important and interesting forms of Yoga - Tratak, Yoga Nindra, etc.

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